Phil Seccer Band at the rodeo – can they gig next week ?

Big trouble in Canada ! Oh boy, hope they will be back at 3rd December to play in Ivanovo !


Rusty, Steve and Dave went to Canada to met Phil’s Daddy to get some of his personal things for Phil.

The three completely crazy guys went after this straight to the local rodeo show and engaged there as cowboys – such muppets !

This freaked guys actually thought they can fight a big bull – big probems….


Find Rusty and Steve on the picture, trying to force the bull down. No chance – the bull smashed both guys throught the yellow “Kodak” wall in the background.


After this Dave stepped in and showed the bull what time it is ! After running six rounds (Dave – follwed by the bull), Dave get his bullfidle out and played the extendet version from “mississippi mud”. Maybe the bull was shocked or an extreme phil seccer fan – however, the three guys and the bull hat a big party in a pub just round the corner till the sun comes up. What kind of guys ! ! !   TAKE YA HATS