Phil Seccer

phil seccer and his tourband, the “phil seccer band” on their way to reach international fame ! his special style, the vintage acoustic, have the roots in the late fifties and demonstrates acoustic music in all its facets. since 2011 the “phil seccer band” started touring with their must see “take ya hats tour”.

the early years

phillip marcus seccer, the first child of immigrant german parents originating from nuremberg/germany was born 1975 in the heart of rodeo country, ponoka, alberta/canada. he was given his first guitar at 10 years of age and played in the school band. phil dropped out of school, disappionting his folks, to play local county fairs and rodeos. once he turned 18, phil began playing in taverns and lounges in the edmonton-calgary circuit. his love for playing pure and straight music of his idols johnny cash, merle haggard and others from the early years was recognized and rewarded with the signing of his first recording contract. the distinguished career was just beginning.

the band

while visiting family back in germany and the us army training base in grafenwoehr, phil met three local musicians that coincidentally played a similar style of music to his own. they hit it off straight away and audition for the germans was inevitable. a successful session resultet in phil forming his backing band, “phil seccer band”.

from this moment on, the three german band members were professionally known as Rusty “Wag” Beam, Pete W. Daniels and Dave Walker.

over the top / phil seccer band solo career

with his solo succes, phil turned into a big-business-owtlaw and got in trouble with the law with some crimimals. from this time on he exiled to cuba and contracted his world tour mainly to russia and the middle east. due to the fact that phil was constantly absent and had blown some gigs, the “phil seccer band” decided to start a solo tour.

2011 the “phil seccer band” began the “take ya hats tour” which will lead the band around the world. in their vintage acoustic style, the tour consists of a pure cover programm. enjoy a show and…